New LRB18TCT with drum rack to SPL
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SPL in Germany
Volvo FE 280Hp
Delivery date
April 2020
Project number

Goldschmidt has delivered a RRV LRB 18TCT to SPL in Germany, built on a Volvo FE 280Hp chassis! First LRB18 with a drum rack mounted with container fastenings. The Platform has as always a TILT CORRECTION ensures that the basket always is in level, which gives a significantly improved comfort during working in curves. Another feature is that the display in the basket shows in real time the position and working area of the platform (RTPW).
The RRV vehicle is equipped with:

  • Goldschmidt 12-2T1 inspection platform with TC and RTPW reach 12m
  • Goldschmidt Drum Rack TS1400
  • Stabilisers


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