LRB18TC to Strukton Sweden
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Strukton Rail Sweden
Volvo FE D11 4x2 Rigid leaf suspension320Hp
Delivery date
April 2020
Project number

Goldschmidt has delivered a RRV LRB18TC to Strukton Rail, built on a Volvo FE chassis! The Platform has as always a TILT CORRECTION ensures that the basket always is in level, which gives a significantly improved comfort during working in curves. Another feature is that the display in the basket shows in real time the position and working area of the platform (RTPW).

  • Goldschmidt 12-2T1 inspection platform with TC and RTPW
  • Goldschmidt TLL7-4 wire lifter
  • Block Brake
  • Inverter 3kW
  • Pantograph with height and length measurement system
  • Prepared for a snow sweeper
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