New LRB26TC to LMV Sweden
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LMV Kontaktlednings AB Sweden
Volvo FM 410HP 6x2 Rigid
Delivery date
March 2020
Project number

Goldschmidt has delivered a RRV LRB26TC to LMV, built on a Volvo FM chassis! The Platform has as always a TILT CORRECTION ensures that the basket always is in level, which gives a significantly improved comfort during working in curves. Another feature is that the display in the basket shows in real time the position and working area of the platform (RTPW)
The RRV vehicle is equipped with:

  • Goldschmidt Inspection Platform KLL12-T1/3, Reach 14 meter floor height with TC and RTPW
  • Workshop/social cabin
  • Inverter 220/3kW
  • Pantograph with height and length measurement system
  • Palfinger double wire lifter PFD99
  • A video camera on the chassis roof monitors and records the pantograph height and the running distance of the vehicle. The data is stored on a memory card for further evaluation
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