LRB16S to Rostock Tramway in Germany
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Rostock Tramway in Germany
FL 16t (240Hp) 4x2
Delivery date
November 2019
Project number

SRS Sjölanders has delivered one RRV LRB 18SPV to Rostock Tramway in Germany, built on a Volvo FL 16t (240Hp) 4x2 chassis! The RRV is specially developed for the German tramway requirement that the maximum width of the vehicle only may be 2300mm
The RRV vehicle is equipped with:


  • SRS Sjölanders 11-1T2I Insulated access platform
  • Inverter 220/4kW
  • Workshop
  • Sanding unit
  • Pantograph with height and length measurement system
  • A video camera on the chassis roof monitors and records the pantograph height and the running distance of the vehicle. The data is stored on a memory card for further evaluation
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