BRB32B to RFI in Italy
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RFI in Italy
FM D11 (330Hp) 8x2
Delivery date
September 2019
Project number

SRS Sjölanders has delivered one BRBB32 Road-Rail Vehicle to RFI in Italy. The Goldschmidt SRS RRV type BRBB32 is built on a 4 axle Volvo FM D11 chassis.
The vehicle specially designed for inspection of bridges in Italy.

This vehicle is equipped with:


  • Inspection platform AB14 combi, reach downwards 17m, upwards 10m and lateral 14m
  • Rear cabin to allow reverse driving
  • Extra batteries
  • Generator
  • Black box
  • Telemetry The vehicle is equipped with Telemetry and GPS/3-4G antenna on the roof




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