RB32M to SPL Powerlines in the UK

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SPL Powerlines in the UK
FMX D13 8x4 Tridem pusher (420Hp)
Delivery date
April 2019
Project number

SRS Sjölanders has delivered one RB32M Road-Rail Vehicle to SPL in the UK. The modular SRS Sjölanders RRV type RB32M is built on a Volvo FMX 420 HP 8*4 chas-sis.
The vehicle is equipped with the SRS Sjölanders AWD RB32 6x6 hydrostatic Rail Gear i.e. is also the front Rail Gear driven.


  • Different type of 20” modules can be fitted with twist lock connections.
    This vehicle is equipped with a 20” Zeck Drum Carrier Module type CIU BM 1400/3
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