5th welding vehicle type SRB 17 to INFRANORD in Sweden

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Volvo FM 330HP 4*2 Rigid
Delivery date
January 2014
Project number

SRS has delivered the 5th of 6 welding vehicles type SRB 17 to Infranord, built on a Volvo FM 330HP 4*2 Rigid chassis with a crew cab for up to 6 seats. This vehicle is equipped with:

· Diesel generator (20/22 kVA, 400/230V) for welding

· Crane 2,6tm for handling of material

· Tail lift

· Workshop for material and tools.

· Wagon brake type duo Matic

· Snow sweeper

The crane with 5 m range can be operated with the radio remote control outside and inside the workshop. 
The tail lift can move all the way down to top of the rail.

It’s possible to drive from the cabin at a speed of 70 km/hand in working mode up to 4 km/h from a wired remotecontrol.
The vehicle can pull trolleys up to 13 tonne
The special designed gas locker has space for 3pcs oxygen O50 and 2pcs propane bottles P19
, the electric chain hoistmakes it easy to lift the bottles into the locker.

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