First RB25M to INFRANORD in Sweden
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Infranord Sweden
Volvo FM 380HP 64 RIGID
Delivery date
October 2013
Project number

SRS Sjölanders has delivered the first RB 25M Module Vehicle to Infranord, built on a Volvo FM chassis. 


The vehicle is equipped with 5 modules:

6m Loading Deck, SRS Inspection Platform KLL12-T1/3 and SRS Wire Lifter 7-4, Crane 21tm with Support legs, SRS Snow Sweeper with Snow Grader and a Workshop/Tool Cabinet.

The vehicle is also equipped with All Wheel Drive, Wagon Break, Pantograph, and Height/Length Measurement system.

A video camera on the chassis roof monitors and records the pantograph height and the running distance of the vehicle. The data is stored on a memory card for further evaluation

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